Where we are and what we do...


Located on Sheffields A57 ring and less than 3 miles to the M1

B.A.W Coatings Ltd is a Sheffield based family company, operating from our 30,000 sq ft facility and throughout the UK, specialising in abrasive blast cleaning and the application of high performance protective coatings.


Our lifting capacity ranges from 1Tonne wall cranes to engineered 50Tonne and a 90Tonne remote operated crane. 


Each of our coating zones is heated. Temperature data loggers provide acurate temperature measurement 


Our experience across a wide range of industries means that we have the expertise to advise on the appropriate surface finishes for a variety of applications.

We understand our clients’ requirements and the need to adequately protect our customers assets.


As a specialist applicator of thermally sprayed coatings We can provide our customers with the confidence and satisfaction they expect. 


B. A. W. Coatings are Zinga approved applicators


As industry requires more and more stringent controls and testing for surface preparation and coatings, B A W Coatings is well placed as a coating service provider due to the quality led inspection by NACE Certified and Icorr Certified inspection.


For further details on any of B. A. W. Coatings services, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bawcoatings.com and we will be happy to assist you.

From small valve bodies

To 140 Tonne fabrications

From straight forward castings

To complex fabricated structures