B. A. W. Coatings carry out blast cleaning to both ferrous and non-ferrous fabrications using a range of abrasives including chilled iron grit, aluminium oxide, garnet, glass bead and stainless steel shot.



The abrasive used is determined by the customer specification and / or the requirements of a particular coating system or decorative blast cleaned finish



The process of blast cleaning is generally used for the preparation of substrates to remove old coatings, mill-scale and oxides, and to provide a 'key' prior to the application of decorative or high performance protective coatings including thermal spray or galvanizing. The blast cleaning process will also highlight faults such as pinholes in welds and laminations in rolled steel sections that are not visible before the blast cleaning takes place.



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Small vessel blast cleaned prior to the application of high performance epoxy

high pressure pump blast cleaned prior to the application of durable epoxy coating

Stainless steel pipe spools glass bead blasted